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March 22, 2013 Contact: Marian O'Briant


Sheriff's Office graduates eleven from basic law enforcement academy

Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong announced eleven recruits graduated from the Sheriff's Office eighth Basic Law Enforcement Academy today.

The 11-week course began January 7th. The 11 graduates underwent 443 hours of intense law enforcement training, including criminal law, community relations, patrol tactics, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, firearms, as well as other law enforcement-related topics. Recruits are also required to meet Cooper Institute standards for physical fitness in several categories, including sit-ups, push-ups, vertical leap, one and a half mile run, 300 meter run, and an obstacle course. The training took place at Eagleton Middle School, as well as the Sheriff's Office training facility located on Honeysuckle Road in west Blount County.

Graduates employed by the Blount County Sheriff's Office will also go through 12 weeks of field training.

The eight graduates of Class 008represent two different law enforcement agencies, as follows:

Daniel Boothroyd Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Jacob Gibbons Blount County Sheriff's Office
Jason Tuttle Loudon County Sheriff's Office
Jerry McDaniel Knox County Sheriff's Office
Josh Woods Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Lauren Fevrier Blount County Sheriff's Office
Michael Murphy Roane County Sheriff's Office
Michael Ruble Knox County Sheriff's Office
Ryan Moore Blount County Sheriff's Office
Thomas Waggoner Blount County Sheriff's Office
Ti Ragland Blount County Sheriff's OFfice

In addition, five recruits were honored with special awards:

Firearms Proficiency Award: Josh Woods, Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Top Driver Award: Ryan Moore, Blount County Sheriff's Office

Physical Fitness Award: Jacob Gibbons, Blount County Sheriff's Office

Valedictorian: Michael Ruble, Knox County Sheriff's Office

William D. Nuchols Outstanding Michel Ruble, Knox County Sheriff's Office
Officer Award

Don E. Boring Law Enforcement Award
Of Excellence Thomas Waggoner, Blount County Sheriff's

The William D. Nuchols Outstanding Officer Award is given to the recruit who displays overall leadership qualities, as well as overall achievement. The award is named in honor of William D. Nuchols, a Blount County Sheriff's deputy who was killed in the line of duty in 1956 in a car crash while responding to a call. In May 2009, William Nuchols was added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C.

The Don E. Boring Law Enforcement Award of Excellence is awarded by the Fraternal Order of Police, Bud Allison Memorial Lodge #9 in Maryville, to the recruit who displays honesty, integrity, perseverance, team spirit, and the desire to excel. The award is given in honor retired Chief Don E. Boring, who set the standard for law enforcement at the Maryville Police Department, as well as the BCSO. Chief Boring advanced through the ranks as an officer with MPD until assuming the rank of Chief of Police. He retired as Chief in 1989. He then served as Chief Deputy with the BCSO until 1999, retired, then returned as interim chief deputy from 2002 until 2004. Chief Boring was persistent in the implementation of technological advancement in law enforcement.

The graduation ceremony was held at East Maryville Baptist Church.

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